Why Don’t I Have Any Energy?

Why don’t I have any energy? Not sure why you’re out of energy, apathetic and indifferent to life in general?  If you’re ready to get going again, take a look at these 13 common energy sappers.

1. Stress and Lack of Energy

Getting stress under control should be one of your very first goals, as it remains at the top of the list of reasons for chronic fatigue, and lack of energy. Stress drains you emotionally and physically, winding up as tension in your muscles.  Using relaxation techniques such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, and daily exercise reduces stress levels in your mind and body, while energizing your health and life.

2. Obligations steal you away?

Are you adding more and more to your list of obligations?   Volunteering is a great way to spend your time, but can get out of hand causing you to be stressed and uptight.  Make room in your schedule to spend time reflecting on just what you have on your plate.  Then learn to set limits on the time you give away and say no when you are reaching your limits.

3. Exercise gets you moving again

Regular exercise floods your body with oxygen, the fuel for more energy.  Exercise also  causes your brain to release hormones that are designed to make you feel good, and cure your lack of motivation. Making room for any exercise that raises your heart beat for 30 minutes to an hour 4 or 5 times a week re-vitalizes you and maintains good health.

4. Forfeiting energy with lack of sleep

Sleep is the time your body and brain completely shuts down to relax and re-energize itself, so sleep is essential. Common sleep and rest thiefs are:  eating before you go to bed, alcohol, getting yourself wound up with TV, and computers right up to time to jump in the sack. Shut everything down and sit quietly or read from real paper for 30 minutes before turning in for better rest.

5. Eating for strength on purpose

A steady diet of processed foods means a steady diet of carbs.  Carbohydrates and starchy foods keep you going from highs to lows using up precious energy.  Carbs and starches also adds excess pounds for your body to have to deal with. Eating a diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of protein from meats is the answer to a healthy and energized life.

6. Worry—the secret agent of lack

Worrying is a terrible habit that steals more than your vitality.  This thief captures all of your mind, emotions, and attention to life, leaving you drained constantly.  Worry usually boils down to lack of problem solving skills.  When you are actively seeking solutions to problems as they arise, there is no place for worry.  Developing a lifestyle of practicing gratitude is the best kept secret to stopping worry and energizing your life, so say thank you today.

7. Drinking enough water

Water is essential to your ability to survive on the planet.  Take a look at any house plant that is suffering for water.  Look familiar, can your identify with the drooping and lifelessness you see? That’s exactly how your own body feels when you’re not drinking at least 64 oz. of water every day.  Boost your energy by drinking enough water.  Keep a bottle with you constantly for refreshed life.

8. Check your medications

The whole population seems to be on one medication or the other, most of which are depleting our bodies of much needed nutrients.  Some of the pills we are popping are important to our health and well being, and we can’t stop them.  Including a quality multiple vitamin, multiple mineral, vitamin D, and coenzyme Q10 can go a long ways towards ramping up your energy levels.

9. Suffering with sinus problems

According to research a direct result of fighting sinusitis is fatigue. If you’re suffering with congestion, tenderness around eyes, nose, and cheeks and feeling all stuffed up your body is using up a lot of resources just to keep you moving.  This condition leaves you too exhausted to do anything you don’t have to do, so don’t deny yourself medication or a trip to the doctor.

10. Skipping Breakfast

I know you’ve been hearing it since you were a child, and probably tell your own children, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  But as an adult, you think you just have time to sit down before rushing off to work.  Set your alarm earlier and make time for breakfast.  When you sleep your body is on a fast, and you need to start it up again with breakfast to get your system operating again.

11. No hobby

A hobby is anything you do strictly for pleasure and relaxation. Pursuing a hobby gives you a time to free your mind of all of the work, cares of the world, stress, anxiety and worry; all of which are energy sappers. If you don’t have a hobby find something you enjoy doing.  If you’ve never had a hobby, make a list of thing you might like to pursue, and try them until one clicks and sticks.

12. No focus

Sometimes we find ourselves doing and doing, and accomplishing nothing.  We get good at multi-tasking, and half doing, until our list of to dos never gets finished.  If that’s you, your life is out of focus. You may think multi-tasking is something to be proud of, but all research indicates it’s actually a productivity stealer.  Focusing on one task until it’s finished and then the next revives energy levels.

13. No written goals

Living with no plan is inviting trouble of all sorts.  Going through life with no idea where you’re headed, or how you’re going to get there causes a state of underlying confusion and doubt. There’s a better way to live.  Set goals for every part of your life. Knowing what you want to achieve separates the important from the unimportant, building self confidence, motivation and energy.

If lack of energy is shutting your life down try taking action on any or all of these 13 ways to get yourself motivated again.  Force yourself to take one positive action and it will lead to the next, getting you energized again.

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