Discovering What To Eat To Stay Healthy And Fit

You can’t depend on the food industry to tell you what to eat to stay healthy and fit.  Why would you depend on someone else’s profit goals to determine what to eat?

The quality and longevity of your life depends on the food choices you make today.

One of the dangers of making a steady diet of processed and preserved foods is that the consequences aren’t immediate. When you realize you are obese and in bad health from addictions to sugar, flour and preservatives it can be difficult or impossible to turn the tide.

Knowing how to eat healthy is simple; making the change takes discipline.

Once you’ve made the change you will see the difference in things like energy levels, restful sleep, more toned body, and comfortable fitting clothes.  After a couple of months of eating wholesome foods you will love yourself for making the change.

Eating to stay healthy and fit instead of having something to do will change your entire life.  There’s no better time to get started than now, and these tips will have you on your way to your most healthy weight.

What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Fit

Fruits and vegetables cover half the plate

  • Eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits as you can, and think about color when you purchase them. You’ll be getting the vitamins, minerals, and fiber your body needs when you have a colorful plate of vegetables and fruits.
  • Use fruits as main courses, side dishes, or desserts.

Eat whole grains

  • Make the switch from refined grains to whole grains in everything you eat, including breads, cereals, and rice. Read the ingredients, because many products that tout themselves as made with whole grains will lead you astray.
  • When grains are processed the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are processed away, leaving you with nothing but empty calories.

Drink water

  • Here’s the test: first stop watering your plants and see how they look. That’s how the cells of your body look without water!
  • Next: just before they die, start giving them sodas and sugary drinks to see how healthy they get.
  • Kick that stuff out of your diet and be sure you are getting a minimum of 64oz of water everyday of your life.

Eat good proteins

  • Proteins supply the building blocks of life, but you should try to get them without excess fat from meat.
  • Look for leaner cuts of meat and eat turkey,chicken breast, seafood, eggs, nuts, dry beans and peas, and sunflower seeds.
  • Meats aren’t the only source of protein and may not be the healthiest.

Eat less sodium

  • All processed foods have enormous amounts of sodium added to them to ensure the longest shelf life possible.
  • Look for foods that say no sodium, low sodium, reduced sodium, or no salt added.
  • When you open canned vegetables always put them in a colander and run water over them to be sure you aren’t eating the excess salt used for storage.

If eating healthy and a healthy diet hasn’t been a priority in your life, you can get started today.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle overnight, either.  The first step is awareness of your food choices and how they affect your health.  This awareness gradually changes your habits.

As you give up sugar from desserts, snacks, and sodas, replacing it with fresh fruits you can’t miss how much better you feel.  You will be exhilarated when you fit into your clothes again because you went from white flour to whole grains in your diet.

When this happens you won’t be able to keep yourself from being conscious of what goes onto the table, and into your mouth.

Being health conscious is a choice you can make that will ensure that you enjoy the best life possible for as long as you are on earth.

What’s your take on eating healthy? Is it something you do, or think about doing?

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