The Astonishing Truth About Your Heart Health

Your life depends on your heart health.
Heart Health

It’s easy to forget that your heart is responsible for the life inside your body.

But face it—your heart health has to be the primary function of maintaining good health.

What are you without a heart? Keep in an attitude of heart health when you know about heart health.

This cardiac muscle may be even more special than you think?

When you hear the term “pacemaker” you probably think of the device physicians install in patients.

Pacemakers are Orchestra Conductors

Think of the pacemaker as the conductor of an orchestra.

The conductor keeps all of the instruments in rhythm and working together.

Pacemakers ensure the heart beats continuously and keeps the right rhythm.

Your Heart Has It’s Own Pacemaker

You came with a pacemaker that sends out an electrical charge to keep every heart cell beating with the same beat all of the time.

Just like an orchestra conductor does.

Your heart is the root of your life on this earth.

Researchers can take one of the cells that makes up the heart muscle and separate it from the others.

When they do—-it beats on it’s own.  Without any external stimulation.

Your heart has two functions

This muscle has two separate functions to control the blood in your body.

  1. It takes that blood and circulates it through the lungs where the oxygen is replenished, and returns it to your heart.
  2. Now it pumps all of that blood throughout your body to supply every cell with oxygen and nutrients it needs for survival.

If your heart isn’t functioning right your body can’t work correctly.

Sadly, many people have heart problems – and most of them can be prevented or even reduced by making changes in your health habits.

Heart Health

You can help your heart stay healthy.

Heart Health Depends On:

  • Diet and exercise
  • Stress levels
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • removal of tobacco and illicit drugs

Your heart is a very complicated organ, but taking care of it can be very simple, and your Heart health is certainly worth a commitment.

Your life depends on it!


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