How To Stick To A Diet

Describes the most productive ways to stick to a diet, and the pitfalls of starting before you’re really prepared.

Why Can’t I Stick To A Diet

Sticking to your diet through thick and thin is the key to success, and neither you or I would ever start a diet if we didn’t expect to stick it out.  So why on earth do we punish ourselves for a few weeks, and then give up?

As badly as we want to look and feel our best, we jump into losing weight without a plan; without thinking this difficult task through?  We know how to start a diet, but staying focused through the inevitable temptations is almost impossible without a plan.

Putting a plan in place long before you give up your favorite foods and methods of eating helps you stand up to the fascination with the foods that got you overweight. The act of spending quality time quietly thinking about the best diet to stick with and taking notes will set the tone for discipline.

Changing your weight always requires changing your mind about your eating habits and a plan will help you stay disciplined.

Sticking To A Diet With A Plan

How many times have you started a diet on a whim, without planning anything?  Reading and thinking through these tips will give you invaluable insight into how to start a diet.

  1. Decide on a healthy weight. You need to know how much weight you intend to lose, and it must be realistic.
  2. Decide on a realistic time goal, and how often you will weigh yourself.
  3. Which diet plan will you use?  Thousands of diets and books are out there vying for your attention.  Do your homework, give some time to think about which one best fits you before you ever start.
  4. Don’t keep your plans a secret.  Find someone you can trust to share your plans with, and discuss your goals with before you ever start.  Finding someone to give you honest feedback can help you stay accountable to your goals.
  5. Don’t take your diet lightly.  Dieting to lose weight can drastically improve your health, and self confidence along with your looks and clothes size, so it’s important.  Journaling for weight loss is a great method of staying on track and remembering your purposes for dieting.

Take some time to think these questions over before you start any diet.

Did you know that each time you start out dieting and quit before your happy with your weight, your mind records that as a failure?   The more times you start and stop, the more difficult it is to overcome a sense of failure, just making it harder to reach your goals.

The truth is that just because you want to lose a few pounds doesn’t mean you’re mentally prepared to go the distance.  Go over this list and decide for yourself if your dieting efforts will be worth the sacrifices before you start.

  • How much food preparation will be involved?
  • Will you have to buy special products?
  • Do you need specific tools that you don’t already own?
  • Is the food something you already like?
  • Does this diet work with your current work schedule and lifestyle?
  • Will you have to diet alone, or can your family also practice this way of eating?
  • Will you be able to eat out? Or will all food have to come from home?
  • How much money will you need spend each month for this diet?
  • Will you have to attend meetings for it?
  • Will the diet interfere with any health conditions or medications?
  • Have you tried this diet before?

Sticking to your diet and seeing real results requires knowing exactly what you are getting into before you jump in, so chose a plan that fits your budget and schedule.  When you chose a diet that is a good fit with your existing lifestyle success will be easier, and losing weight fun.

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