21 Steps To Building Self Esteem-Daring To Be Bold

Life is far too difficult with low self esteem. A low opinion of yourself cripples your ability to share yourself, who you are, and your gifts. It’s difficult to be comfortable in your own skin, because you know you’re unworthy. You try desperately to build self confidence, however, confidence without a healthy self esteem is a sham.

Taking steps to building self esteem provides you with a natural stepping stone to self confidence. Your confidence will come in a direct relationship to the strength of your opinion of yourself. You’ll stop relying on past failures and opinions of others, as your opinion of yourself improves.

Building self esteem is an inside job, and your responsibility. Look, you know you have something to share, something to offer to the conversation! Whether it’s the conversation at work, on the internet, or the world; you’re opinion is valuable and it counts.

But you can’t stay the same and get noticed. You’re going to have to take action! Taking action to change the way you see yourself means simply, but not easily, changing behaviors. As you make conscious decisions to improve your self esteem by changing behaviors, you begin to change who you are at core levels.

These are no nonsense methods to change the core of your esteem into a person that the world needs and respects. As you implement these techniques into your character, your self esteem will improve because you will know for yourself that you are a worthy human being.

Steps To Building Self Esteem

Do Not Lie

What you say is either the truth or a lie. You know what you think about someone who deceives you? That’s the same thing you think of yourself when you’re less than honest.

Be Impeccable to Your Word

When you say you will do it: DO IT, at all cost. ¬†When you say you won’t, never change your mind. Being impeccable to your word is a first step to building character.

Speak no profanity

Profanity is not acceptable to your self esteem, no matter what they say on TV. All profane language is a breeding ground of anger. To raise your self esteem, rise above profanity.

Stop Complaining

When you complain, you aren’t accomplishing anything at all. Complaining always make you a part of the problem instead a part of any solution. Complaining is negativity.

Speak Nothing Negative

Low self esteem is negative thinking about yourself, and your abilities. You are always the very first person to hear your words. Your words burrow deep into your opinion of yourself.

Stop Negative Self Talk

Negative self talk is a self made habit that destroys lives. What you say and do out loud originates with internal thoughts and conversations. You are guiding your self esteem with your self talk.

Never Raise Your Voice In Anger

It’s easy to think you point your anger at someone, but it cuts deep into your own soul. Your self image takes a severe hit each time you’re angry because yourself absorbs what you say.

Never Be Late

Showing up late to work or to any other function, is akin to not keeping your word. Being late is not something that happened on the way, late is a frame of mind you can’t afford.

Never Steal Anything

Thieves aren’t only car jackers and bank robbers. ¬†Stealing means to take something that’s not yours. Don’t take even the smallest thing, even from work, that’s not yours.

Practice Gratitude Constantly

The most powerful weapon known to build self esteem is learning to practice gratitude. Choose 3 things to be grateful for, for 3 minutes each, every day before getting out of bed.

Say Thank You

Don’t use buzz words, and phrases when it comes to saying thank you. Say “Thank You” for every smallest deed you can find to use the expression. As people smile back, so will you.

Tell People They Did A Good Job

Everybody is the same as yourself; they want and need to be appreciated. The way to get more of what you want, is to give more of it away. Look for ways to say I appreciate you.

Go Out of Your Way to Help Someone

Have you ever needed someone to lift a helping hand for you, just to watch them ignore you? Going out of your way to help someone quietly builds your opinion of yourself.

Choose Friends That Increase Your Self Esteem

When you hang out with people who are negative,speak negatively, and have low self esteem themselves, you sink to their level. Choose friends that have what you want.

Give Something Away

When you’re sharing what you have, you can’t help but to feel good about yourself. The more you give, the more you get, the immutable law. Build someone else up!

Get A Hobby

A hobby is something you enjoy doing, that you don’t have to do. Something that takes your mind away, and requires you to get better at it. Hobbies make you feel good about yourself.

Learn Something New

When you’re always investing yourself in learning a new skill, you’re always raising your self worth. Learning is always a powerful step to building self esteem.

Set Goals for Yourself

If you don’t have a goal, you never know if you made it or not? Goals are a great way to build self esteem. Goal setting allows you to see, and be proud of your accomplishments.

Read Motivational Books

Just reading the words of motivational authors will inspire you to greater heights. Try reading Tony Robins for just 15 or 20 minutes each day. Your self image will soar!

Stop Being Against

Make a list of everything and everyone you’re against. Every time one of these comes up, remind yourself that your low self esteem started out because someone was against you.

Lift Up Other People

Your own low self esteem is your accumulated ideas of others opinions of you. As you are taking steps to building self esteem for yourself, speak nothing but encouraging words to others.

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