Weight Loss Made Simple With These 7 Simple Tips

Who wants to be overweight? But it’s tough to lose weight, and even more demanding to keep it from coming back.  Weight Loss Made Simple is here to end a life of dieting and stand victorious over your habits and taste buds. 

The time has never been better for you overthrow these tyrants, and reclaim your weight and your life. Like any undertaking, you’ll need tools to help, and these are the tools for the job.  They’re simple, work wonders, and can change your life. No more gimmick diets, no more failures

Making Weight Loss Simple

1. You can’t stop eating 

You know your favorite clothes don’t fit because of eating,  so it makes sense that giving up eating is the answer.  That plan is doomed for failure from the start. The minute your body senses that you’re consuming less food than usual, it’s all over. Instead of your body letting go of the pounds, it’s now hoarding every ounce of the fat you hate.  Your brain thinks there’s a famine in the land.  Your body and your brain just revolted against you.  You need a plan to put the days of dieting but not losing weight behind you. 

2. Make a diet plan beforehand 

Dieting on a whim is rarely successful. Make a plan that you can adhere to before you start. Realize the scope of this undertaking before you begin for a complete victory.  Decide exactly what you intend to accomplish and hand write your goal.  Now write your weekly goals, daily goals, and individual meal goals. Keep meticulous track of your progress, concentrating on these results instead of the scales. The weight leaves when you can easily track your successes and failures. 

3. Track your successes and failures 

Now that you have a concrete plan for actually changing your eating habits and building a brand new you, you need a journal.  Believe me there will be a few failures along the way, and you will use your diet journal to lift you up again.  Writing in your handwritten journal at the end of every day helps you stay in touch with your goals, and builds your confidence and determination.  On the days you just can’t seem to keep it together, reading your success stories adds great encouragement.  Writing about your less than great days is great insight into yourself and how to keep going when the going gets tough.

4. Commitment to exercise is commitment to losing weight

There are at least 3 reasons you are going to pursue a regular exercise program relentlessly.  First, if you are very much overweight you’ll look bad with a lot of loose skin.  Second exercise, or working out, increases your metabolism and burns calories which causes your body to give up the fat.  Third is that exercise is going to keep your diet on your mind, motivate you, and improve your health. Whether it’s walking, bicycling, or the gym, it can’t be at work and it needs to be strenuous for a minimum of 1 hour 5 times a week.  Because you are now eating healthy regular exercise energizes and motivates you to more weight loss.

5. Eating only healthy foods is the real key

The bare bones truth is that if you only eat meat and vegetables you will lose weight and it will not return.  The foods we are meant to eat are fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Your body is not meant to eat, carbohydrates from any foods that are processed.  Build your original diet plan around healthy and fresh foods. You are going to feel like a school child being punished for a few weeks as you get off sugar and flour, seeing pounds disappear and energy flourishing your attitude will change. 

6. Dieting without a lot of water is a waste of time

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Water is a requirement of life, and it’s also a requirement for losing weight. Health authorities recommend 8-8oz glasses a day. That’s 1/2 gallon of water which is the bare minimum for you. It’s a simple matter, the more water you drink the more fat cells flood out of your body.  The more water you drink the less you experience hunger.  Keep a supply of 16 oz bottles on hand and one in hand at all times.  Learn to drink from 8 to 16 oz of water 30 minutes before each meal if you’re eating 3 times a day.  

7. Eating three meals a day is old school

We all know to eat three times a day, right?  Wrong!  Make a life long habit to avoid the 3 squares a day syndrome. Do this by thinking how much you would eat at one meal and dividing that amount by 2 or 3.  That way you eat a small amount 5 or 6 times a day, giving your body time to use what you last ate before inhaling more.  It’s important to not think of this as snacking, but your method of eating enough healthy foods to keep your best health and weight.

The Conclusion of your life of dieting

There came a point in my life that I was just sick of having a closet full of different size clothes due to my yo yo approach to eating and dieting. That’s the point I decided to change my body, my thinking, and my life. 

Weight loss is simple when your attitude shifts from dieting to living healthy.  When healthy eating eating is your goal, healthy weight follows along. Simplifying weight loss is making your life simple.

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