Relaxation Tips That Work


Ever wish you could just stop the world, get off, and relax for awhile?  Who hasn’t?  These are a few simple relaxation methods I use to get through the day without just “losing it”.

You really can feel like you just stopped the world when you get in the habit of actually using these relaxation tips at the moment you need them.

You’ll find yourself re-energized and ready to push on instead of doing and saying things you regret later. Of course this will be useless information if you don’t remember to use it to relax instead of stressing out over life’s little moments.

5 Simple Relaxation Tips

Breathing Relaxation Tips

Most of us have no idea of the power of breath over any stressful situation, including the aggravation of standing in line.

The next time you’re trying to be patient while waiting on the grocery store clerk, take the time to stop, and focus on your breath.

Here’s how you relax with breath anywhere, anytime:

Stop focusing on the aggravation for a moment and refocus all of your attention on your nose.  That’s right, your nose.

Now that you’re thinking about your nose, focus on the breath as it enters your nostrils.  Take a deep breath and feel your nostrils flaring out to meet the demand.

When you do this five times in succession the oxygen levels in your blood increases, and your body and mind starts to relax.

This is not “iffy”.  It will definitely happen and you will feel tension and stress “melt” off of your body.

Stop what you’re doing and try it right now!  It works for immediate relaxation, and is great for on the spot anxiety relief.

Relaxation Techniques for Work

Some how we believe that it’s ok to live a live of stress at work?  It’s not!  The reason it’s so important to stay relaxed is that stress is the number 1 cause of almost every health problem in the USA.

If you sit all day at work you can find a way to get up and move around every hour to relax the tension out of your body.  Surely you can find time to stretch your muscles out on the way to restroom? Anything to keep the blood moving will keep you more focused and alert.

When you’re at your desk, try rolling your head around in circles, and from front to back.  Just don’t get too carried away the first time or two as you stretch out your muscles.  This tip will relieve the tension accumulated in your neck and shoulders.

Whether your job requires sitting or standing, learn to stretch.  You can stretch the kinks out of stressed muscles when you’re standing or sitting, releasing built up tension.

Walk, walk, walk.  Even walking circles around the water cooler will clear your mind and body sending signals to yourself that’s it’s time to relax.

Easing Yourself to Relaxation with Daydreaming

School teachers really did us wrong when it comes to daydreaming.  They needed our undivided attention, but they sure gave an important part of adult life a bad rap!

Stop the train and get off with a daydream, and you get instant relief from stress, tension, and anxiety.

If you’ve not been daydreaming you can teach yourself this amazing method by causing yourself to think deeply about something or some place that makes you happy.

Don’t just think about it.  Teach yourself to recall, or even make up, sights, sounds, and smells and you’ll find yourself transported to an imaginary world.

A place to feel relaxed, re-energized, de-stressed and ready to face all the challenges of the day.  As you come back to reality you will find yourself bringing these elevated feelings with you.

Self Relaxation with Simple Smile

Smiling needs to become who you are!  Smiling at people has the magical effect of dispensing tension for both of you: right there in the moment!

Simple smiles are powerful medicine when it comes to relaxing.  You can disarm the most tense situations as you relax and rejuvenate with a smile.

It’s your chance to make your co-workers think you’ve lost your mind!  Just smile at them, and watch them smile back.

Smiling at your children, or spouse, will probably put them into a state of shock?  But try it anyway, just for fun.

Stress Management Laughs

Laughing your way to a relaxed and peaceful place is the best route to happiness, good health, and long life.

Think about it?  Don’t you love to be around people who have an infectious laugh?  Of course you do, so why not try it for yourself?

Start watching comedies on TV instead of blood and sex, and you will start learning how to laugh like you did when you were a kid and enjoying life.

I’ve read direct accounts of people curing their own cancer by watching non stop funny movies until the deed was done.

Your body has no choice but to relax when you’re laughing.  Really laughing, not that annoying thing that people do, outside their selves for one reason or the other.

When you’re laughing all the world is laughing with you, and you can’t help but to be in a very good place.

Unwound, calmed down, and loosened up!  That’s what relaxation is, isn’t it?

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