Over Comers Avoid Taking The Easy Way Route To The Finish Line

Have you become so accustomed to taking the easiest route to everything in life, that the slightest difficulty intimidates you? Fast food drive through windows have turned us all into instant gratification babies.

Modern technological everything is wonderful, but now we’re a society of spoiled babies. We’ve lost the joy that comes with satisfaction from our hard work and patience. In fact, we can’t find the motivation to work at much of anything that doesn’t deliver instant gratification. And that’s a sad loss.

Along with loosing our joy to instant gratification, it’s also eating away at self-control in every area of life. But you can stop that syndrome in your own life, and reclaim the joy of victory.

When you get in the habit of avoiding the easy way out, your self-control and motivation will build your character. Take a stand for work whether you’re working on big production goals, personal development, or work promotions. Theres great pleasure in being fully involved with each task at hand.

Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with automation and shortcuts. Our problem comes when we rely so much on technology as robots to avoid the actual involvement in what we’re doing.

Relying so heavily on modern shortcuts robs you of the benefits of stepping back and complimenting yourself for a job well done. But even more staggering is how our society has stop growing mentally and emotionally from taking the easiest possible route.

Someone needs to commit to avoiding the easy way. If you could be the one today, you would find your motivation and joy stirred to new heights. And your level of excellence in every task you undertake would soar in no time.

Don’t shy away from difficult task, but roll up your sleeves and dive into it. You’ll quickly find your focus and attention takes you away from everyday worries as your skills grow. Your confidence will grow as you feel your personal power overtake the project at hand.

If you’ll undertake a project today that you’ve put off, that “ole time” feeling of satisfaction will overcome you. Meet it head on as a challenge, and your own inner strength will show up to “take the day”.

Don’t chose the easiest task to start with today. The more difficult the task, the greater the rewards. With difficult task comes more focus, attention, and determination. You’ll come face to face with a new you: a proud you. You will revel in satisfaction that you undertook— and overtook the challenge.

You’re like the rest of us, though. You’ve grown accustomed to the easy way, so even the smallest challenge today may seem large and overwhelming? Just use your will power, and go for it. The results will stagger you, and push you on to more and more strength. You’re an overcomer now!

In no time at all you will come to rely on your own wits and fortitude to get a job done. You will look back and wonder why you ever thought the easy way was the best way. The intimidation from  uncertainty is gone, and your life is changed.

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