8 Motivators That Take All Risk Out Your Dieting Efforts

What’s your Motivation For Dieting?  The more motivated you are the more successful your dieting efforts will turn out! Making a list of all the reasons that losing weight is important to you can motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough.

Just having a general goal of losing weight isn’t enough for most of us.  What you need is a desire to succeed that is stronger than your urge to eat unhealthy foods.  To build your motivation start thinking about what you will gain by losing those pounds.

Motivation For Dieting

Start by making a list of every conceivable benefit of ditching the pounds. Here’s a few I can think of to make weight loss simple:

1. Reduce risk for heart disease

Your health and life are at risk by being overweight.  Excess weight means high triglycerides and LDL cholesterol·High blood pressure·type-2 diabetes·Metabolic syndrome·hypertension.  Get it?  Being overweight is more than clothes that don’t fit, it’s putting yourself at extreme risk for heart disease.

2. Live Longer for your children

It’s a hard pill to swallow, and easy to live in denial of, but because you put yourself at such a high risk of all sorts of health problems; you are shortening your life.  Try to imagine what it will be like for your children when you cut your life short due to bad eating habits and excess weight?

People who say they sleep like babies—usually don’t have them!

3. Less pain in your joints

Osteoarthritis is arthritis from wear and tear on joints.  There is an undeniable link between osteoarthritis and overweight because your knees are your own knees.  They were built for your perfect weight. When you overload them, even when your young, you prematurely wear them out.

4. Be able to move more easily

Even a few pounds overweight could mean you aren’t as agile as you would like.  It’s more difficult to get the full range of motion for joints when you’re too heavy.  Even a small amount more flexibility will make you more comfortable in your own body when you’re exercising or doing physical “stuff”.

5. Enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror more

I don’t know about you, but when I needed to lose weight, I hated seeing myself in the mirror.  Let the mirror motivate you to diet.  When you always have the idea that you are overweight in the back of your mind, your self esteem suffers. You will be so proud of yourself as you slim down that you will have to see your self.

Mirror, mirror on the wall—that’s not what I look like in my head?

6. Have fun shopping for clothes

Both men and women love shopping for new clothes when they carry the pride of a new body with them.  Here’s where you get to admire your new self and self esteem in the mall mirrors.  Shopping and trying on clothes now will be a joy instead of that nagging voice about your size and weight.

7. Feeling better all the time

Face it! When you’re only a few pounds overweight you really feel sluggish all the time.  Carrying around those extra pounds is hard on your body and causes tiredness and fatigue.  You will love the extra energy and general sense of well being that comes with your new body and perfect weight.

8. Enjoy more activities such as gardening and walking

Now that you’re enjoying a heightened sense of well being, self esteem, new clothes that fit so well and look so good on you, and just feeling good all over—you will find yourself outside more often.  And because of your new found flexibility, your exercise and working in the yard will be more fun.

Exercise in the mornings—before your brain figures out what you’re doing

Knowing exactly what motivates you to diet gives you the push you need.  Once you’ve thought it out, start writing reminders on post its and sticking them in prominent places that you can’t miss., especially in the kitchen area.

You may want to create a vision board and work on it for a few minutes daily.  To make your own vision board for dieting start with a piece of poster board.  Now paste pictures of yourself when you were at your perfect weight and cutouts from magazines for great motivation.

Use anything you can find that reminds you what motivated you to start dieting in the first place. Write on your vision board.  It’s yours, do anything to it you think will help you achieve your goals.

Get creative and post self affirmations all over the place.  In your car, in your bathroom, closet, desk!

All of this will remind your subconscious over and over what your motivation for dieting is, and keep your desire to look and feel better at the top of your priorities.

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