Meditation Techniques for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Meditation techniques for anxiety and panic attacks work!  Use this profound and simple meditation technique to prevent anxiety, panic attacks, and to change your life.

Meditation Techniques For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks try to take control of your mind.  The practice of meditation on a regular basis teaches you how to stay in control and get relief. 

Like I always say “reading articles does very little for anxiety or panic attack relief”.  It’s the putting into practice what you read that cures anxiety.

Find yourself a comfortable place to sit, and try to relax for a minute or so before beginning this exercise. 

Now hold your breath for just a few seconds, breath, and do it again.  Try to become aware of your heart beat.  You can feel your heartbeat best when you’re holding your breath.

The longer you hold your breath the stronger it will feel, so if you can’t find it right away, try holding your breath longer.

Breathe deep and hold it for 20 seconds or so.  In this time your heartbeat will become stronger and easy for you to feel.  If your heart beat seems a little weird to you, it’s OK; that beat is your life.

You could feel the pulse in your neck, face, or somewhere besides your chest.  That’s a good start, but for meditation you want to keep focusing and trying to feel it in your heart.

A good technique for this is to practice a rhythm to your breathing that is breath in—hold breath—breath out—breath in—hold breath—breath out.  Only hold your breath when your lungs are full, and never when they are empty.

The more fully you exhale, the more breath you can take in.  You aren’t in a contest here, so don’t take exceptionally large breaths.  Just a little larger than normal.

Learn to exhale gently and silently, extending the exhalation for as long as you can. Don’t hold it, just extend it.

As you are holding your inhaled breath, focus on your chest and try to feel and hear your heart beat. You will probably sense it at the end of the time you are holding your breath.  As you exhale, you will probably loose touch with it, but it will come right back.

After doing this for a few minutes you will sense your heart earlier and longer.  Now try to keep your heart beat on your mind as you continue breathing.

After practicing this meditation technique for anxiety and panic attacks you will notice the rhythm of your  heart beat coinciding with the next sensation you are looking for mentally.

If you are having difficulty locating your heart beat hold one wrist with the other hand, pressing your thumb against the artery in the bottom of your wrist. 

This will help make you identify your pulse, so you can feel for it somewhere else.  When you feel it in your wrist, let go and resume your meditation.

The object of the meditation is to feel your heartbeat in your chest.  With only a little practice, you will feel it during inhalation and exhalation.  The more practice you get, the easier it becomes. 

The heart of meditation is to learn to focus your complete attention on one thing and only that thing.

The better you get at hearing your heart during meditation, the better you are at taking control of your mind. 

The better you are at controlling your mind, the easier it will be to get your mind centered on reality and off of anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress is a pre-cursor of anxiety and panic attacks and learning to meditate is a great technique for relaxing and de-stressing.

Since each of us has a heart beat, heart beat meditation is the easiest way for you to begin your journey into meditation techniques for anxiety and panic attacks.

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