Journaling for Weight Loss

Explains why journaling is important to successful dieting and how to journal for weight loss

Journaling for weight loss is simple and key to any successful diet. 

Going to your journal everyday gives you an opportunity to see how you did yesterday, motivate you for tomorrow, and keep you focused on your diet goals today.

With a journal you will never need to ask your self why you aren’t losing weight.  If you run into a snag along the way, you only need look back through your daily records. When it comes to a successful diet, there is nothing better for getting results, especially if you’re failing at losing weight.

For some people, keeping a journal will mean writing down calories and fat grams.  For other people it will mean writing down the specific foods and portions you enjoy at each meal.  I just know you’ve included exercise in your diet plans, so why not record your exercise  in your weight loss journal?

Don’t forget what a journal really is, and just fill it with facts and figures.  Keeping a record of your thoughts and feelings about your diet and exercise is what keeps your goals on your mind.  So don’t neglect to make it personal.

Journaling For Weight Loss

A journal is a place for you to write anything you care to record about the days events, and can be in an expensive bound book or a simple spiral notebook serves the same purpose.  The most important aspect is keeping the record.

Using a weight loss journal

  • Keep your journal on the kitchen counter where you normally prepare and eat food
  • If you eat out or travel a lot, keep a small journal that you can take with you
  • Journal your food in the morning when you plan your meals. At night you can back and change anything that you did differently
  • Keep a pen or pencil attached to your journal
  • Write down what you ate – whether it was on your diet or not
  • Look back at your journal to find what weeks you were most successful, then simply repeat them
  • Use your journal to make a grocery list

Food journaling for weight loss will make a huge impact on how well you stick to your diet because, it offers built-in motivation for your journey.  Journaling for weight loss when you’re not so happy about your progress is just as important as when you’re seeing great results.

If possible keep it in a private place so you can always be free to write your most honest results and thoughts about your dieting efforts.  You will be just as proud of your weight management journal as your weight loss, so don’t take it lightly.

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