Lifestyle Changes for Improved Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for Americans!  Face it—an unhealthy heart will ruin your lifestyle.

Even though life can’t go on without your heart, we somehow manage to ignore heart health.  That is, until some catastrophe hits!  Then if it’s not too late—we get serious about lifestyle changes to maintain and improve our heart and circulatory system.

Why not start thinking about how your lifestyle is affecting your health now?  The rewards are great!

Incorporating simple changes into your life can radically improve your health and outlook on life. Improving your circulatory health will begin impacting every part of your general health immediately.

How to Improve Heart Health Naturally

Eliminate refined sugars.

Packaged sugar and artificial sweeteners are poison to your heart, your general health and are addictive.

It took 3 months for me to stop craving sugar, but the benefits are long lasting.  My high cholesterol went away, I lost weight without dieting, and I don’t miss the emotional ups and downs.

I eat fresh fruit of every kind, and use natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, and stevia.

Avoid crop oils like soy, corn and canola.

We eat and cook with olive oil and coconut oil now.  We use cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and the least expensive coconut oil for everything from cooking to hand lotion.  Lou Ana is the best we’ve found.

Don’t be at all concerned if you notice that temperature changes take it from a solid to an oil in the container.  It’s real 100% coconut oil and that’s what it naturally does.

Give up the processed foods habit.

Eat fresh vegetables every day.  I can’t say enough about having a plant based diet.  Your body was designed to eat fresh plants, and “some” meat and fish.

It’s pretty much impossible around here to completely give up processed foods, but we do get close.  Learning to give up almost all processed foods over the last couple of years has made us strangers at the doctor’s offices.

Cut back on sodium intake.

Sodium can raise your blood pressure levels, making the heart work harder.  We continue to like salt but once we became conscious of how much we were eating, it became simple to cut back.

I say, forget substitutes and teach yourself some healthy eating habits?

Avoid stress as much as possible.

You simply have to become aware of what is causing you stress, and start eliminating as much as possible from your life.

Whether it’s the news, email, a job, a friend or family member, your life is more important than the stress these items are causing.

Write this on your refrigerator, and all over your home:

Stress is the number 1 cause of all diseases, illnesses, and cancer!

The reason is simple enough: stress is the leading cause of the death of your immune system.

Eliminate all the stress you can.   Reduce the rest with music, learning deep breathing exercises, regular walking, meditation, reading the bible, and of course regular fishing trips.

Get conscious of the stress in your life, and kick it out!

Kick the smoking habit for good.

Please! Do I really need to say anything about your smoking habit?

Why, in God’s name would you be smoking?

What is harder: dying from lung disease and heart disease—or stopping the habit?

You think you need it to calm yourself?  Really? How difficult will it be to calm yourself when you learn you have destroyed your health and the rest of your life?

One glass of alcohol a day for women can help reduce heart disease risk.

Keep it limited to the one drink.  More than that causes high blood pressure, and makes you act funny.

Two for men.

Read food labels carefully.

Make it part of your lifestyle to avoid trans-fats, sodium and hidden sugars.

Don’t take packaged foods for granted.  Read the labels and be surprised.

Make this your new mantra: “If it’s packaged, it’s poison.”

Get active.

If you are genuinely interested in taking control of, and managing your heart health, a bare minimum of thirty minutes of exercise each day—is mandatory.

Walking every day helps to lower your blood pressure, improve cholesterol and aids in your weight management.

Maintain a healthy weight.

The facts remain that even a few pounds over your natural best weight is a pathway directly to cardiovascular disease.

As difficult as it is, it is possible to come to the realization that every single food advertised on TV, billboards, magazines, books, etc. are working against all of your efforts for improved heart health.

You must remove yourself from the idea that eating processed foods can somehow be something that aids your health in any way.

Count your blessings.

Every person has something to be thankful for, and the more you are grateful—the more you have to be grateful for.

Spend some time finding positive things to be thankful for each day. Negative emotions lead to stress,worry, eating wrong, and generally making it too difficult to stay focused on your heart health.

To get the most out of the life you have, you should be taking a proactive approach to living it in the most rewarding and healthy ways possible, and this includes taking a proactive approach to improving and maintaining your heart health.


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