How To Stop Overeating And Get A Life

Discovering methods to stop overeating will change your life.  You will get your weight under control, look your best, enjoy wearing your clothes again, improve your health, and feel better about yourself.

Will it be easy?  Wasn’t for me!  Will it be worth a 4-8 weeks of craving junk food?  Absolutely!

Changing the foods I was putting in my mouth caused some pretty amazing things begin to happen.

At first you won’t believe you will be able to pull it off?  Your body will be craving the “faux foods” you’re used to eating.  But after a few weeks you will see pounds on the scale disappear and clothes getting loose.

That’s when the fun begins.

You’ll begin to notice that foods you thought were plain are now quite tasty. You’ll see differences in how you feel, energy levels, control over emotions and focus.  Eating the foods your body was designed for fosters a general sense of well being.

For 3 or 4 months the old temptations will sneak in.  You can’t help but to imagine something sugary will taste good or soothe some emotion.  Those are habits and addictions and will change.

Sometimes you will give into them.  But as you notice the weight loss, how much better you feel, and how much better you look—the habits will be easier to forget.

You are going to enjoy your new life so much that bad choices won’t often get in your way of healthy decisions.  Somehow, your thinking gravitates more to what to eat to stay healthy and fit?

How to Stop Overeating

It all starts with changing your mind about the foods you’re  eating.  Change your mind by changing the focus from eating to good health.

  • The first step is to stop dieting.  Dieting is not the cure for overeating.
  • Exercise is a must!  A minimum of 3o minutes—no less than 5 days a week.
  • Drink a minimum of 64 oz of water every single day of your life.
  • Replace 80% of the food you’re eating now with fresh vegetables.  Plan your meals around fresh vegetables skipping over the foods that are in boxes and packages of any sort.
  • Stop eating grains!  Eat vegetables, meat, beans, and fruit to cure overeating. Refined means no, or little, real nutrition.  Not enough nutrition causes  you to crave something to put in your mouth.
  • Stop eating refined sugar!  Sugar makes you fat, and makes you crave more sugar.  Stop it!  Sugar has no nutrition and causes many health problems.  Replacing sugar with fruit is a mindset that you can accomplish.

You must be willing.  Start thinking about your health and how food affects your health and well being.

Think before you eat, not after!

Spend some time thinking about how what you eat today is determining your health next week, next month, and next year.

It’s virtually impossible to overeat when you are eating a steady diet of vegetables, beans, meat, and fruit.

It’s even better than that,  because eating right will stop your body from craving the foods that caused you to be an over eater to begin with.

The hardest part of changing your mind about overeating and your health will be over after a couple of months.  Then you begin to see how much better you feel about all of life.

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