How To Relieve Anxiety

You probably know someone who is the picture of self confidence, while you endure anxiety at the mere mention of some of the situations in your life?  You can’t help but to wonder what their secret is, and how to relieve your own anxiety and maintain self poise and confidence?

Sometimes gaining self confidence isn’t that hard, and the more confidence you have the less anxiety you will have to endure.  

These are 7 self confidence tips that will change the way you approach situations in your life:

How To Relieve Anxiety With Self Confidence

1. Start Relieving Anxiety With Your Appearance

The way you dress and your overall appearance is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.  When you dress for success you will feel good about yourself, and others will sense your self confidence and respect you for it.  Take a real interest in your appearance and you will naturally feel better about yourself, and so will other people, friends and strangers alike.

2. Look People in the Eye To Control Anxiety

Develop the habit of looking people in the eye, and smiling. If you are lax in this now, you will see an immediate difference in the way people respond to you when you look them in the eye while having a conversation. This improves your self confidence, and reduces your anxiety at the same time. Learning how to relax when you’re with people who aren’t part of your inner circle is key to reducing anxiety levels.

3. Complimenting Your Way To Relief

Learn how to genuinely give compliments, and you will learn what the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive means” in it’s truest form.

When you compliment someone else, both your subconscious, and others get the message that you feel comfortable and confident enough about yourself to strengthen someone else’s self confidence.

4. Perfection Breeds Anxiety

It’s difficult for us to let go of the need to be perfect.  We don’t want anyone to see or know that we make mistakes.  This idea that people need to see you as perfect already has no real use in life other than keeping your anxiety at high levels.  

Real anxiety relief can come when you that go, and be willing to allow people to see that you’re not perfect, but willing to grow. 

5. Your Anxiety Depends on Your Ego

As humans we form an ego, which is our self made view of who we are, who we should be, and how others should view us.

Our ego puts us in a position of defending yourself to both ourselves and others. Learn how to give up your ego, and be the real person that you would be if you weren’t defending.  Be the same person with other people that you are when you are alone.

By doing this everyone around you will see your competence, honesty, and willingness, and they will strive to build your confidence levels for you.

6.  Anxiety Relief Comes With Embracing What You Love To Do

When you identify what you truly love in live, and embrace that in your life, you will have a definite sense of being in control of your life.  Because anxiety always has to do with a sense of being out of control, embracing what you love in life will help relieve anxious feelings.

Make time for what you truly love and you will find yourself content, happy, and excited about yourself, and your life.

7. How To Relieve Anxiety At Work

There is no better confidence builder than giving your all to what you do at work. Do not seek to be a person of means, seek first to be a person of value.  

The best way to excel in your career is to give, give, give. When you feel you’re being used, give more.

If you have been dealing with low self esteem and wondering how to relieve anxiety, learning how to build confidence grows with every small step you take.

The more your self confidence grows, the more you will naturally release anxiety from your life, taking you to places you have only dreamed of before.

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