How to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Your health is depending on you to know how to maintain healthy blood pressure.

The best time to start maintaining healthy blood pressure is before it gets out of hand.   But even if you’re on medicine to control your blood pressure—the chances of controlling it without medication are still great.

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure 

  • Avoid all tobacco products.  All tobacco products are known to elevate blood pressure, cause heart disease, lung cancer, a myriad of other health related problems.  If you are addicted to tobacco products already—take steps immediately to stop.  This is almost a guarantee for lower blood pressure, which is healthier blood pressure.
  • Regular exercise is the magic pill.  You need to get a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise daily.  No matter how difficult work is, it is not exercise.  Exercise is separate from work and needs to raise your heart rate for at least 30 minutes. Regular exercise improves every aspect of your health including your mental and emotional well being.
  • Eating healthy.  Eat a low sodium diet, and shoot for removing all processed sugar from your diet.  When you combine healthy eating with exercise you will see your weight go to the perfect level for your body, and your blood pressure going down.  The Dash Diet will get you eating healthy quickly.
  • Stress will kill you.  Managing your stress levels can be as important as your diet when it comes to keeping healthy blood pressure naturally. High blood pressure, bad health, and high stress usually go hand in hand so it’s important to start managing your stress.

Tips to manage stress and reduce your blood pressure:

  • Prioritize your life by getting rid of activities that aren’t necessary, and concentrate on only what’s important.
  • Weeding out some of the unimportant activities in your life you will give you time for daily exercise and enough sleep.
  • Incorporating meditation and yoga into you lifestyle is a great way to reduce your blood pressure naturally as you breath away your stress.

Maintaining healthy blood pressure naturally can aid you in having more energy, and looking and feeling your best.  Healthy lifestyles are usually the best method to lower and maintain your blood pressure naturally.


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