How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Living on purpose IS living a healthy lifestyle.  If you are living life on your latest whim with no goals for the future you are likely without a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle requires living on purpose.  Living and pursuing what you have already decided is the life for you.

Living on purpose is taking time to think about what you want out of life, and making that happen.

Giving conscious thought to your future.

Even the simplest thoughts and goals keep  day to day circumstances from controlling your health and your life.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle on Purpose

1.  Connecting with other people

Want to know what your life really looks like?  Take a look at your relationships.

The people you are spending time with are the picture of your life.

Learn to pursue relationships with people who have more of what you want.

Your friends should be inspiring you to higher places mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

2. Continue the learning process

Keep learning at the center of your life.  Learning is being alive, conscious of being, and growing.

Learning something new can be anything.  Something that relates to work, hobbies, languages, music, how to ride a motorcycle; anything at all that requires you to think and practice.

When you are always learning and stretching yourself, you are teaching yourself that the gift of life is still important to you.

3. Staying activeF

There is no such thing as a healthy couch potato or a couch potato with a healthy lifestyle.

Plant a garden, buy a motorcycle, go fishing, it doesn’t matter what,  as long as you are staying active physically, and mentally.

Your body and your mind are active when you’re always looking for new possibilities.

4. Be aware of the world around you

Be aware of what your community and the world at large is doing, and how you could help.

A healthy lifestyle is part of a healthy family, a healthy community, a healthy society, and a healthy world.

Get involved in social activities.

Be an active part of a church, some benevolent organization, social clubs, civic clubs, garden clubs: do anything that is continually broadening your horizons.

5.Give something away

Altruism is a concern for the welfare of others.  There is something about giving unselfishly that will uplift you from the depths of your soul and give you life.

Giving something away doesn’t have to include money, and it doesn’t have to be for the needy, even though that’s important.

To get the most out of life, be sure you are regularly giving your time, your money, and something of yourself.

6.Have an attitude of gratitude

Be grateful for what you have in life

Make it a lifelong habit to mentally go over everything you have every single morning before you get out of the bed, it will change your life.

7.Stay physically fit

Life is just more fun when you are healthy and physically fit!

You’ll fare better if you make “heath conscious” a regular part of your vocabulary.

Learn what a healthy diet is and forget dieting and the latest diet fads.

Staying physically fit requires regular exercise and proper sleep for mental clarity and a healthy body.

Living a healthy lifestyle won’t come naturally to most of us and the first step is setting aside time to think about how you would like your life to look today and 10 years from today.

Planning for your life and lifestyle to be healthy well into the future requires living on purpose and making conscious decisions.

The results of living with intent gives you the richest lifestyle possible for all of your life.

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