How To Find Happiness

When you’re always looking for happiness, or something to make you happy, you’re going in circles. Never ending circles like a dog chasing his tail.

Maybe it’s a paradox,  because when you are spending your time trying to find happiness, you can’t. You can’t find it, because you’re looking for it.

You can find happiness, though, when you stop looking for it, and start living a lifestyle that attracts happy to you. The keys to happiness are in your lifestyle and probably nothing like you had in mind.

I have the keys here for you. All you need to do to find happiness in your life is to make sure you incorporate each of the following tips into your life. Until each and every one becomes so entrenched into who you are that they become your lifestyle.

How To Find Happiness In Your Life

These are attributes common to all of the really happy people I know. These attributes have become who they are.  They don’t chase happy feelings anymore; they are the embodiment of happiness.

1. They Know How To Be Happy With Themselves

They just accept themselves exactly as they are, knowing they will always be growing. Happy people don’t waste their time thinking about whether or not anyone accepts them, they expect it.  You will never hear a happy person complaining or blaming anyone.  They take full responsibility and live a responsible life.

2. Happy People Take Care of Their Health

Happy people don’t stress out about much and all stress turns into something physical. They tend to live longer because they tend to be aware of their body and the responsibility to their own health.

3. Happy People Are Grateful People

Expressing gratitude for what they have rather than complaining about what they lack gives happy people reasons to be more grateful. That’s important: The more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful for.  Learning How To Be Grateful for the smallest things in life is one of the keys to happiness.

4. Generosity Makes You Happy 

We forge a happy life by what we give. Time and time again, it’s been proven that to receive, one has to be willing to give. When you can add something to someone’s life with your generosity you are creating happiness. You can not create without being a part of what you create!

5. Happiness Is Right Now

The present moment is what matters. Happy people find joy at the current moment rather than waiting to celebrate in the future. Sometimes it’s scary to think of living only in the moment. You may think you’re irresponsible to the future. Not so! Planning for tomorrow is important, but finding happiness is not in the past or the future.

6. Happy People Enjoy Living

These people are actively pursuing what makes them happy and content with their life. They purposely intend to enjoy what they are doing at the moment, and never dread or complain about what is at hand to do. Whatever it is, they make a way to enjoy.

7. They Have Happy Friends

Research has proven that joy is contagious. You cannot stay happy and full of joy when you spend time with people who are unhappy. Of course you will be in contact with people who make a life of complaining, but you need to have friends who are how you want to be. Make associations with people who smile, forgive, and give.

8. Listen to Others is Sharing Happiness

Happy people take their time to listen to views from other people. With this habit, they gain more knowledge and are able to empathize with others. Listening without waiting your turn to speak is a learned skill, and allows you to fully connect to other people. And remember, you will never find happiness in your own life without other people.

9. Couch Potatoes Are Unhappy

A regular dose of fresh air is vital to breathing new life into the body and mind. How many couch potatoes do you know who are happy? Get up, get out, and please get some exercise outside. Exercise outside makes every cell in your body and brain ecstatic.

10. They Do Not Compare Their Lives to Others

Happy people understand that we all have unique lives. Seeing themselves superior or inferior to others cultivates judgmental feelings. To stay happy, they rate their success solely on their progress and theirs alone.

11. Happy People Accept Life As It Is

Setbacks and complete failures are part of life. Happy people accept that there will be injustices and choose to focus on what they have control over to compensate for that. They don’t spend time worrying over what went wrong. They just move forward.

12. They Nurture Happy Relationships

No man is an island. Positive relationships, both social and romantic, are crucial to happiness. Pick your relationships wisely. A large percentage of your relationships with friends should be with people who have something about themselves that you want to have.

13. Quitters Aren’t Happy People

Regardless of how many times they fail at something, happy people will always keep on trying.

Happiness is a state of mind. Can you see that all of the above makes up a lifestyle. It’s easy to think a lifestyle is about where you live or how much you have, but it’s not. All of that is external.

Happiness is a sense of completeness,and contentment that rises up from inside of your very being

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