Discover How To Feel Less Tired With These 7 Energizing Tips

Learning how to feel less tired will keep you from feeling like you’re sleepwalking through life. Feeling groggy all the time is a terrible way to get through the days. But a lot of people are doing life tired with no energy.

Seems like everybody is feeling overly tired these days for various reasons and it’s really bad for your health. Some of us are working hours that demand a lot and some of us don’t eat a proper diet, and on and on. If you are tired of feeling, well, tired all the time, then this is the article for you. You are going to see 6 tips for feeling less tired.

Stop Zoning Out On the Couch

As strange as it may seem, one strategy for feeling less tired is to start using more energy.

You may think that this is counterproductive, but if your body detects that you aren’t using a lot of energy it will go into a sort of “sleep mode.” In this sleep mode, your body produces less energy and you feel a lot more sluggish. So, try getting up and walking around more often.

Of course, the best thing to do to stay energized is regular exercise. And don’t fall into the trap that thinking you get exercise at work. Exercise is any physical activity that raises your heart rate for about 30 minutes. And for it to wake you up and keep you from being fatigued you should exercise 3-5 times a week.

Get A Better Diet

As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

Eating a poor diet is actually one of the major reasons that people these days are going through life tired. In particular, a diet that is heavy in meats and carbs tends to drain you of energy because it requires so much energy to digest.

It’s important to let that sink in: If you’re eating a lot of fast foods, you’re naturally eating meats and carbs. Without regular exercise, you are using all your energy just to digest what you eat.

Believe it or not, most of the population these days aren’t sure how to eat healthy food everyday? If you’re not sure about a healthy diet, check out that post. A good diet will keep you invigorated and active all day.

Practice Stress Management

We all live very stressful lives in a fast-paced society these days.

Regardless of what causes your stress, the result is the same, you have less energy to work with. One of the most noted effects of stress is how it works to sap you of your energy. So, if you find yourself getting stressed, take a breather and practice some stress management.

There are a multitude of ways people use to relax and relieve stress. Get a hobby, have more sex, go for a walk, go to the gym, turn off the TV and read a book, do not listen to the news, go shopping, practice yoga at home or in a class, or maybe learn how to meditate.

To tell you the truth, putting these 6 tips into practice in your everyday life is going to help you de-stress. So, if you’re serious about being less tired and more energetic, take this post seriously.

Drink More Water

Most people are at least a little bit dehydrated.

Dehydration is really sneaky. It’s super easy to get dehydrated and have your body suffering for water — without even knowing it. But dehydration definitely saps your energy along with keeping your liver full of toxins.

I know people get tired of me using this illustration, but it is the best way to see what you do to your body without enough water:

Look at a plant that is suffering for water! You will immediately see how the leaves start drooping, and then the stalk. It doesn’t even have enough energy to stand up straight – it’s tired. That’s exactly what happens to the cells in your body without proper hydration.

Coffee, tea, and sodas do not count, either! Drink more water to stop feeling fatigued and tired all the time.

Avoid Naps

Instead of a nap when you’re tired, go for a walk to wake up.

Though they can be tempting, naps mess with your body’s internal clock and they can actually cause you to end up feeling even more tired than when you went to bed. If you do need to nap, stick to power naps of 20 minutes or less.

The fact is, naps are really an important part of staying healthy and living the best lifestyle. However, naps aren’t supposed to be used to make up for sleep you didn’t get. You need to be getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep most days of the week.

Then when you nap, it’s used to refresh your body and mind, not trying to catch up from the abuse of sleep deprivation.

Lose Weight

Nothing steals your energy like carrying around too much weight.

To start with, it’s difficult to be overweight for very long with a healthy diet, enough water, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. So, face it, when we are overweight we aren’t practicing the very things that keep us from feeling tired.

Each person is designed to carry around their perfect weight. When you’re lugging around even a few extra pounds, you put a tremendous strain on your body. The strain includes mental, emotional, joints, muscles, and organs.

So, lose some weight and get energized.

Stop Using Energy Drinks

If you are tired an fatigued all the time, energy drinks are your worst enemy.

The problem with energy drinks is that you go way up, and then have to crash. Of course, the only way to avoid the crash is with another one.

They are really unhealthy for a host of reasons and leave you needing more and more to function. When you come down from the artificial energy, you have no choice but to feel tired. It doesn’t take long before you can’t really separate how you feel from being tired and how you feel from crashing.

If you think energy drinks are not bad for you, read this article. Whether you believe them or not, I can assure you they are making you feel tired in the long run just from how they work.


Life is such a drag when you’re tired all the time that you miss all the good parts. Learning how, and then focusing some attention on doing the things that keep you energized and feeling good will make you a new person.

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