Why You’re Failing At Losing Weight

Why can’t I lose weight is asked by millions of people everyday; so you’re not by yourself.  Read and take these tips seriously and you’ll see rewards from your dieting efforts.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

#10 Fad diets are a quick way to see failures mount up.

Fad diets don’t work!

Even if you do manage to lose those extra pounds, you can expect to find them again quickly.

Why not try the Atkins plan or the South Beach diet since millions of people have and are having proven success with these methods?

#9 Eating too few calories stops weight loss

You can’t merely stop eating to lose weight.  Unless you plan on fasting off of food for many weeks, it won’t work.

The reason is simple.  Your body requires calories for energy and movement.  If you cut all of the calories out, your body will begin to save the belly fat and cannibalize your muscles.

You have to change your diet to healthy foods instead of processed flours, sugars, and pre-packaged foods.

Be sure to eat enough calories

#8 Going too long between meals is counter productive.

Skipping meals or waiting too long between meals is really the same thing as not eating enough calories.

Controlling your eating by going without food for too long will backfire and stop your weight loss plans.  You still need to eat healthy foods several times a day to lose weight.

You need your metabolism to be working at top speed to dispose of the fat.

The absolute best way to accomplish this is by eating very small meals every two or three hours throughout the day.

#7 Not Relying on realistic weight loss goals.

So you have been reading all the latest diet headlines, and now you fully expect to drop 10 pounds in a week?

What you have to do here is to back away from lunatic thinking, and get a grip!

Try to count up all of the times that you actually gained ten pounds in a week.

Because unrealistic goals are spelled with these letters..f-a-i-l-u-r-e…why not go ahead and change your eating habits?

#6 Failure to get organized and make plans.

Don’t have any statistics here, but I would bet that most overweight people very seldom use goal setting in their lives? Just saying……

If you are always on a diet it may be time for some organization.

What about making some sensible plans and setting some realistic goals.

Stop what you’re doing and take a few days to think through the process of losing weight.

Stop asking yourself “why can’t I lose weight?” and ask yourself if you are following the plan you made?

#5 Failure to have the right foods on hand and removing temptations.

Get all of the sweets, breads, snacks, and other foods that you know full well causes you to gain weight out of the house and office.

Give them away, or throw them away, but get them out of your home, and office, before you ever begin your new diet plan.

Keep fresh food on hand

Why submit yourself to temptation, and sure failure?

#4 Neglecting to exercise.

Remember, we aren’t believing advertisements, and we are giving up on fad diets, right?

Do you really believe you can shed those extra pounds by eating the same as always, not exercising, and taking lose weight pills? Of course not!

You don’t have to join a gym, but you do need to get some movement in your life; 30 minutes a day of walking, dancing, jumping, raking leaves, most anything that will get you sore, ok?

Exercise will get your metabolism up which calls for more fuel, which will call for those stored up fat cells to be burned for energy, so don’t neglect to exercise if you really intend to lose weight, and stop dieting.

# 3 Not drinking enough water.

The little talked about method to get those pounds gone….drinking more water.

Very few of us are drinking enough water for good health to start with, but now you need to be sure you are drinking the daily minimum, plus more.

The minimum for any good health is 8-8oz glasses a day.

Now you need to drink more than that to flush the fat cells out of your body.

# 2 Not talking the talk.

Don’t keep your diet a secret.

Put yourself on the spot!

Tell everyone you come into contact with what you are doing, and why.

Talk your new lifestyle up, and throw all of your old clothes away. Burn those bridges, so there’s only one way to go!

You can lose weight, Just say so!

#1 Failing to get started on your new lifestyle and diet.

Stop living with that internal voice that continues to remind you that you are overweight.

No one needs to remind you that you are overweight. You know it’s hurting your health and your self esteem.

But sometimes we can’t find the trigger to pull to get started doing something about it.

It seems easier to keep on the familiar path.

But think about how much life you are loosing when you continue on like you are today?

Think about how much better you will feel, how much more energy you will have, how much better you will feel about yourself, and how good you will look when you finally do lose that weight.

Seriously, it’s to0 easy to just think about losing weight, while steadily grazing on your favorite fat foods.

You just need the motivation to lose weight.

Don’t let this chance pass, think this thing through, make your plans, and see it through. You can change your weight, your health, and your life.

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