Am I An Introvert or An Extrovert Needs Answering

Everybody knows extroverts have more fun, right? Maybe not so much? Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you’re unhappy, or not having fun. Or you could fall somewhere in the middle.  Am I An Introvert or An Extrovert may be a little confusing?

As a matter of fact, most everybody has tendencies from both camps. It’s hard to be either an extrovert or an introvert without characteristics of the other.  Let’s look at the characteristics of both, and then you can see where you fit in.

Characteristics of an Introvert

  • Introverts usually feel more energized and comfortable when they are alone. This gives them a chance for a lot inward reflection.
  • Because introverts spend so much time pondering, they have a lot of good answers. Even though they may have the answer, they often opt to stay silent on the matter.
  • They don’t require the approval or input fro others for their feelings of self-worth.
  • Introverts are often great conversationalists, but usually with people they feel comfortable with.
  • Close friendships are more limited than extroverts, but the bonds are closer.
  • Introverts are quiet, struggle with change, but due to living inward so much they can focus deeply.
  • People who prefer to work alone, and quake at the feeling of drawing attention to themselves are usually introverted.

I’m rarely bored alone, and often bored in groups.  —Mike Mahaffey

Characteristics of an Extrovert

  • Extroverts spend a lot of time with other people to stay full of energy and revitalized.
  • They are able to draw energy from a group of people, even when there’s no one they know, or anyone to talk to.
  • Extroverts can be loud and boisterous, and have and give opinions on just about any topic that comes up.
  • The bigger the party, the more comfortable extroverts, and the more energized they are.
  • They love group conversations, and generally have more friends than introverts.
  • Because the relationships of extroverts aren’t as strong as those of introverts, their friendships don’t go as deep.
  • Few extroverts can focus as long, or as deep as introverts.  They are more easily distracted, and talk more than they listen.
  • Extroverts make quick decisions, love attention, prefer working in groups, and love the opinions of others.

The most important thing of all is to be an overcomer. 

You May Be an Ambivert

Very few people are wholly introverts or extroverts. Most people have some characteristics of both, so there are really more ambiverts than any.

I bet as you go over the qualities of each in the list above, you can recognize some of both.

There is a good chance you possess some of the characteristics of both extroverts and introverts.

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. —Carl Jung

It’s important to have some of each personality.  This gives you the ability to thrive in multiple environments and situations with more personal and social success.

Extroverts are often seen as successful, capable, results-oriented individuals who are always happy and healthy. Unfortunately, introverts are frequently seen as the opposite.

Simply because someone is introverted does not mean that person is not happy or healthy, or a success either. Let’s look at the similarities and differences of introverts and extroverts, to see where your talents lie.


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